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Miracle Field

Kellan's Kingdom is a 501c3 organization developed for the fundraising efforts of an all-inclusive playground and Miracle League park in Carroll, Iowa.

Kellan Tigges is a fun-loving child from the Carroll area who attends Fairview Elementary. His parents, Pat and Alie Tigges, have long dreamed of having an all-inclusive play area where Kellan, who has a diagnosis similar to cerebral palsy and is wheel chair bound, can play and interact with his two younger sisters and friends.  

The organization began in mid 2017, dedicated to raising money for an all inclusive play area in Carroll. After quickly surpassing their original fundraising goal in a few short months, the organization has since expanded their goals to building a Miracle League field at Northeast Park, which is the home of the all inclusive playground, which was completed in August 2019. The field, combined with the playground, will create a Miracle Park Complex, a wonderful addition to the community of Carroll and its members.


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